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Central States Recovery is committed to offering the most thorough collection services possible and will never cut corners and jeopardize our integrity or reputation. Our clients' Rave about the results and services they receive from CSR.


Upon receiving the account, CSR runs all listings through the "National Change of Address" data base prior to the first letter being mailed. All patient referrals are mailed a formal collection notice which contains all verbiage necessary to be compliant with Federal and State Statutes.


CSR assigns the patient account to a professional collector and begins making outbound calls to speak with or locate the patient. Accounts without telephone numbers are placed in a queue from which they will be looked up utilizing AT&T's data base via modem.


For those patients that cannot pay in full, CSR gathers a complete financial profile to determine exactly what the patients maximum effort can be. It is futile to demand something from someone that is impossible for them to provide.


It may be necessary to seek legal action against a patient. This is the last resort and done only with a client's written permission.  The CSR staff is trained to work with patients in collections and achieve results through communication and motivation as opposed to the typical "pay it or we'll sue you approach" utilized by other agencies.


All efforts to collect client accounts are within strict guidelines set forth by various laws governing our industry.




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